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Hello, Smut Swap writer!

Thank you for writing for me! I'm into the dark and weird, but if you prefer to write anything in a more romantic way, feel welcome! I do like a good romance, too. Combine prompts for each pairing in any way you'd like, or just use one. If my prompts don't work for you, go with your instincts. Have a good time with your story.

I'm into: Chosen families, fucked up family dynamics, amazing women, competence, issues in established relationships, romancing, intense friendships. I like, at least an emotionally neutral ending, or everyone sexually satisfied (except for maybe the non-con prompts).

General kinks I'm into: Choking, pleasure denial, spanking/whipping, cunnilingus, consent play, watersports, third party watching, incest, dub-con/manipulated-into-sex, nipple-focused (pain or gentleness), pegging, group/pack sexual rituals, male submission. I like anal, vaginal, or oral sex in combination of any prompt.

I'm not into: Mundane AUs, bait and switch consent play (we think it's rape, but it's actually roleplaying!), unnecessary gore, crack/parody fics, descriptions of perfectly hairless genitals. I don't want to see characters be completely destroyed at the end of the story unless they're already destroyed in canon.

Kinks I'm not into: Roleplaying (besides what's mentioned above), medical kinks, scat, drunk sex, daddy kink.

Teen Wolf

Allison Argent/Chris Argent

I don't want a ton of shame in their incest. They may know it's wrong/need to keep it secret, but they're into it.

Accidental Soul Bond (Made Them Do It) - They live in a universe with a lot of magic floating around, I don't see why this couldn't happen. Especially in a super dub-con way where they know they shouldn't, but they can't help themselves. And then how much absolute pleasure they get out of it.

Arousal From Killing - After you bag that nasty, murdering werewolf you've been tracking for weeks, there has to be a high. Especially after being together all that time. Whether the attraction is something they've been fighting for a while, or just a thing that happens after a kill.

Ass Play, Pegging - I prefer these on a Chris submitting to Allison aspect, especially if it's him bowing down lots of respect to her.

Blow Jobs - Allison really wants to blow her dad. Whether she feels guilty about this, or she seduces him, or it's a semi-established relationship and when she brings it up, he's open to it.

Impotence - Maybe Chris can't get it up because of incest issues, but Allison convinces him otherwise. Or it's an ongoing problem that only Allison can solve. Soft-cock blowjobs are a great option.

Wet & Messy - Outdoor sex in the mud or in a storm. I'll take it as watersports. Maybe some food-related sex.

Teen Wolf

Peter Hale/Lydia Martin

I like these two fucked up and generally into each other. Peter moreso, but maybe Lydia's into it for the revenge sex. I want to see the connected/bonded in some way and that transformed into something dark and sexual.

Body Modification - I'm seeking tattoos, multiple and visible. Done all at once, with lots of attention paid to the stinging and the pain. Either on Lydia or Peter, consensual or non-consensual. If tattooing isn't your thing, other forms of visible, obvious body modification as claiming or loyalty are welcome. And if your version of body modification is amputation or something more extreme, go with your instincts.

Dream Sex - Lydia can't get Peter out of her dreams. Or perhaps it's Lydia that's haunting Peter. They've bonded in a way they can't get rid of. I've always found this bond to be fascinating, but of course, it never got explored once Peter came back to life.

Impotence - Peter can't get it up and Lydia humiliates him for it. Maybe that does it for Peter. What does she have to do to help him? Or maybe he insists they fuck with his soft dick. I'm really into soft-cock blowjobs.

Mind Rape - Like the dream sex, I'm looking for that messed up bond they have. The classic Peter can't get out of Lydia's head, or turning it around so she's the one destroying his mind, they're both good.

Pegging, Pussy Worship, Spanking - If we match on any of these, I'm looking for Lydia topping the hell out of Peter, but I'm okay either way (Peter really wants to be pegged?), if you want Lydia to bottom to him. Also not against Peter, for some reason, having a pussy for Lydia to worship (from magic or Peter is trans, but Peter should definitely still be male).

Ritual Public Sex - Weird werewolf traditions, the kind of old school things that isn't "really done" anymore. Peter as an alpha taking a bride. I don't see Lydia really being into this as an instigator, but if you have a way, I'd love to see it!

Mr. Robot

Elliot Alderson/Darlene Alderson

Here, I'm into shame-related to the incest. I love the dub con aspects of Darlene sleeping with Elliot when he doesn't know they're related. Or they try to get around sleeping together with other sexual things to do together.

Breathplay - Choking is my favorite, but other versions of breathplay are great. Maybe they do it in lieu of actually sleeping together, or it's part of the sex.

Come as Lube - Can be done in any way you'd like. Maybe they're getting around actually fucking by Elliot coming and Darlene using his come as lube.

Cunnilingus - It's the best way to have sex with the least amount of touching. Elliot goes down on her, and she can't touch him at all. More playing on Elliot's aversion to being touched than the incest aspect.

Nipple/Breast Play - I love any aspect of nipple play. Rough, gentle, licking, sucking, teasing, pinching, or whatever else you can think of.

Non-consensual voyeurism - Maybe Mr. Robot watching and commentating on the sex where only Elliot can hear. Or perhaps Elliot watching Darlene masturbate or sleeping with someone else and getting off on it.

Porn watching - Could be them watching together, trying to get around sleeping together. One or the other watching porn that reminds them of the other.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Poe/Alien(s), Rey/Female Alien

I put these two together because I like the same things for either pairing. I'm into Poe with either male or female aliens, or with a third gender, or a non-gendered alien. Bisexual or lesbian Rey is great, and if it's a consensual situation, she should be really into women.

Clothed/Naked - I'm more interested the naked aspect, and the humiliation of nudity. Or the act of going from being clothed to being naked. Could be aliens who find nudity to be the norm (and being naked is part of the culture they have to adhere to) or the other end of the spectrum, and Rey or Poe are shamed for their nudity, and it's a form of humiliation.

Forced Orgasm - What it says on the tin. Whether consensual or non-consensual, from masturbation, vibrators, the Force, or alien telekinetics.

Multiple Orgasms - For Rey, maybe she's easily orgasmic anyway, but non-human lifeforms know how to make her keep coming and coming. Or on the opposite end, she's never had an orgasm and the constant wave of many orgasms is overwhelming to her.

For Poe, I'd like to see orgasms in way he didn't even know he could come. Dry orgasms, prostate-induced, nipple stimulation. I'm not opposed to not realistic amounts of come or amounts of time he could be hard/still orgasming. Or he's the cause of multiple orgasms for his alien friend who has a different measure of stamina.

Non-Consensual Public Use - Have Rey or(/and) Poe been taken hostage by a hostile alien race? Maybe this is just the procedure of prisoners, or they've been convicted of some crime (even something as minor as flying near their planet) and being used and abused by the people of the city is their sentence. Or the aliens they're around are simply nymphomaniacs who are going to fuck any new life form they come across. Variations on ass in a wall are welcome, too.

Non-Human Genitalia - I'd love some weird junk. Things that aren't compatible with human genitalia, but they make it work. Be as weird and bizarre as you'd like. I'm all for painful ridges, knotting (though I'm not into a/b/o or dog-specific type genitals), gaping holes, weird shapes or angles. Inhumanly large genitals are also an option. Vaginas an entire human could fit into, or dicks the size of a Volkswagen.

Tentacles - When all else fails, tentacles. I love the aspect of not just tentacle penetration, but also the way tentacles can wrap around a person. Squeezing can come close to crushing. The person's life is in the "hands" of the tentacled alien. And that character getting off on it. Not to say I don't love tentacle penetration, especially in the mouth.


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