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Hello, Yuletide author!

Thank you for writing for me! As you go through my letter, you'll see I'm into dark fic and porn, but if that isn't for you, don't worry about optioning out of those details. Write what you love about our matched media. I love these things on their own, not just the fanfictionalized versions of them.

I'm into: Chosen families, fucked up family dynamics (even within those chosen families), amazing women, competence, issues in established relationships, porn, romancing, intense friendships. I like, at the very least, an emotionally neutral ending.

Kinks I'm into: Choking, pleasure denial, spanking/whipping, cunnilingus, consent play, watersports, third party watching, incest, dub-con/manipulated-into-sex, nipple-focused (pain or gentleness), pegging, group/pack sexual rituals, male submission.

I'm not into: Mundane AUs, bait and switch consent play (we think it's rape, but it's actually roleplaying!), unnecessary gore, crack/parody fics. I don't want to see characters be completely destroyed at the end of the story unless they're already destroyed in canon.

Kinks I'm not into: Roleplaying (besides what's mentioned above), medical kinks, non-con, scat, drunk sex.

Mr. Robot
Elliot, Darlene, Mr. Robot

I am here for the fucked up family dynamic. Elliot/Darlene is my newest, most favorite incest ship. There's a lot of room for dub-con here, in that I enjoy stories where they sleep together, but Elliot doesn't know they're related (is that non-consensual incest?). Is Darlene testing him? Seeing how far he'll go before he remembers? Is something that's been going on for a long time? Is that why Darlene left? Or maybe they just don't care at this point.

I was shipping Elliot/Mr. Robot throughout the series and then things got complicated. I don't usually do parent/child incest, but it works for me here. Especially since Mr. Robot is just a version of Elliot's father. Pre-reveal Elliot thinks they're together or post-reveal Elliot is actually just masturbating and knows how messed up this is both work for me.

I really love the idea of mixing the two, of Elliot and Darlene having sex and Mr. Robot running a commentary on the whole thing that only Elliot can hear. But he kind of likes it?

If you don't do incest and you got this, do not fear. I am perfectly happy with a story about their very messed up (that's at least canon!) family dynamic. I again ask the question, why did Darlene leave? Was she taking care of Elliot and had to get out? What were her motivations? What were their teenage years like?

I'm drawn to the idea that Mr. Robot does exist in a way, and isn't just in Elliot's mind. He works through Elliot, but he's actually there. Think Next to Normal, if you're familiar with the musical. Can Darlene sometimes see him? Does he haunt her too? What part of her is a little crazy? She seems a lot more collected as the series goes on, but where is her breaking point?

The Craft
Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie, Rochelle

This movie was incredibly influential to me. It challenged a lot of my ideas and gave me new perspectives. Like witchcraft and bisexuality. I love the whole 90's vibe of it, right down to the music and the fashion (plastic chokers are back!). I was so in love with Neve Campbell in the 90's. Her thigh high socks in this movie, ohhhh.

I ship all four girls, and am into any combination of pairings, including a coven foursome. I'm not into post-movie Nancy ships, but she's great during or pre-movie. And all the other three are fine for post-movie fics. I do have a special spot in my heart for Bonnie/Sarah, but anything goes. One of those sleepovers goes in a new direction? A sexually based ritual?

I love descriptions of magic, especially weather magic. I love the connection to nature, and the balance of darkness and light. Rebirth and destruction. If you aren't into shipping, something magic driven is a great place to start. I don't think their powers are gone-gone, they have to come at them from a different way. The place they came at it before was selfish and reckless and Manon won't share that with them anymore. If you write post-movie, I'd love to see the girls come back together. I think Bonnie and Rochelle's reaching out to Sarah is from a genuine place. How can they earn back her trust?

Nancy is so rough and goth on the outside, but she does love her sisters. She cares for them deeply. She loses that along the way, but at her core, she loves them. The look on her face when Bonnie is begging Manon to take her scars, she knows how much pain this gives Bonnie, but she thinks Bonnie is beautiful already. I love that.

Sarah holds back so much, so wary of other people. I love the moment between her and Rochelle when they're doing the spell on Laura. It's just so quiet, like they're the only people in the room. Even when they get into it, Sarah never seems quite there. She's always just a little outside the other three. Talk to me about Sarah's mental health. She's struggled a lot, but things seem like they're heading in the right direction post-movie. I'd love to see her work with Lirio.

I feel like Rochelle gets the least amount of story. She props up everyone else. Tell me about her life, her family, her relationship with the other girls. She feels the weight of her actions, even if she doesn't want to admit it. Where does she find magic after the events of the movie? How does she move on?

The movie never says if Bonnie's scars come back, though I think it's implied by her long-sleeved shirt at the end. I like to think it's different for her. She takes things to the extreme. She loses her scars, but her confidence grows to narcissism. How does she find balance?

No dub-con here. Any sex between the girls should be with enthusiastic consent. Manipulating people around them, especially men, is encouraged.

Cruel Intentions
Kathryn, Sebastian

Kathryn was my favorite character for anything for about decade. She's a terrible role model, but as a teenager, I loved everything about her. She's so driven by her own rage, that she keeps so collected. She's a master at her craft, and can out-manipulate anyone. I love that her sense of revenge is to simply ruin your life.

I ship Kathryn/Sebastian hard. This was my gateway into incest ships. I spent a long time rationalizing that they weren't really related, but the fact that they were family was part of why I was so into it. I wanted to see them fuck so bad, even though I knew that was the source of Kathryn's power over Sebastian. Once she relinquished that, she lost something. But maybe it just fuels his obsession more. I want to see Sebastian completely submit to her. Or maybe Sebastian thinks he's manipulating Kathryn into sex, but this is what she wanted out of him in the first place.

I'm not into non-con, but dub-con is great. This is a great fandom for consent play. I do love seeing Sebastian cry.

If you don't ship it, that's okay! I want to see their former schemes. I want to see them ruin the people around them, maybe even a parent? We see Sebastian's therapy sessions and how he draws people in, what's Kathryn's therapy like? As the society princess product of divorce in the 90's, I'm sure a therapist is basically automatic. I'm sure she hates it and lies her way through, but oh, the drugs.


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